This is the story of a personal and professional destiny.

Nothing predestined Marc-Antoine Barrois to develop a passion for perfumery, his entire life already devoted to another vocation: that of couture. This fascination for beauty and chic came to him at a very young age, alongside his grandfather. A textile industrialist in the North of France, the man displays timeless presence and elegance.

In 2004, while Marc-Antoine Barrois was designing his first collections which he presented in Lille, he was spotted by the fashion designer Dominique Sirop. Barely 20 years old at the time, the young man joined the prestigious and confidential fashion house of this former right-hand man of Hubert de Givenchy at 14 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. Two years later, he collaborated with another big name in couture: Jean-Paul Gaultier at Hermès where the latter serves as artistic director. These experiences, as prestigious as they were formative, forged a style that would quickly become his signature: sustainability, a love of beautiful materials and timeless silhouettes. Driven by a need for independence, Marc-Antoine Barrois set out and created his Couture House in 2009. The years pass and the MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS brand makes a name for itself in the confidential world of Parisian fashion. It was at the dawn of his thirties that Marc-Antoine Barrois developed a passion for perfumery following his meeting with the perfumer Quentin Bisch, with whom he shared an inventive spirit and boundless creativity.

" Meeting perfumer Quentin Bisch was like meeting with a twin brother "

We can safely speak of a professional, friendly and creative love at first sight. In 2015 Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch met and their bond was immediate. Recognized in their respective fields, they share a taste for beauty, a love of beautiful materials and the desire to return to the fundamentals of luxury without ostentation, with delicacy. Humanly, there are few things that separate them. Their age, identical, their fathers teachers and their eternal childish souls. On an olfactory level, they are totally connected. An appetite for the enduring elegance of leather, an addiction to fragrances evoking nature – and more particularly the green and sumptuous scents of a walk in the forest – not to mention a certain taste for bouquets of fresh flowers, hyacinths, lily of the valley, roses and magnolias at the top.

Since their paths crossed, the two men have moved forward together, following a complex and unique process for each fragrance. While Marc-Antoine evokes the intangible, emotions and his imagination, Quentin brings them to life with precision and talent in perfume. A journey that is far from linear, punctuated by discussions, advances and setbacks – until the work is perfect. Both embarked on the prolific and imaginative path of creation. And they move forward with one goal: to bring something exceptional into the lives of their customers, by designing unique and timeless perfumes.